It begins…

I know I said you wouldn’t hear from me again until I was a bonafide marathoner, but, well…I lied.

I mostly just want to apologize that I’ve been MIA on all of your blogs this week. I’m sure you understand, but, I’ve been trying to just concentrate on work and taking care of myself this week.

Fewer than 48 hours remain until M-Day. Last night I had my first marathon dream: I was up in Grafton (where Lakefront starts) and I couldn’t find the starting line. I was in the woods on some trails and I could see runners going by and I was like “noooo!! WAIT!” I was running all over the place trying to find the starting line. I did, however, remember to wake up in time, bring all of my Gu and fluids, and was able to run unlike those dreams where you try to run and your feet feel like they’re stuck in 2 feet of mud.

I’ll be immersing myself in this weekend: lasagna dinner with my running group, expo where I hopefully won’t spend too much money, Milwuakee Film Festival movie to calm my nerves for a bit and then oh yeah, that whole race thing. After which we’ll be partyin’ partyin’ yeah.


Wish me luck! I can’t believe I’m about to run my first marathon soon!




8 thoughts on “It begins…

  1. All the best! Remember, you can only ever have ONE first marathon in your life; if you aren’t enjoying it, you are not doing it right. Whatever time you finish it in is automatically a PR too! Run safe and run strong!

    1. Thank you so much!! Great advice!! Looking forward to one of the most fun days of my life πŸ™‚

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