Runner Friends Friday!

I had this thoughtful post I wanted to write today about marathon training, sort of as a follow up to last Friday’s deep thoughts about marathon anxiety, but it’s after midnight and I have writer’s block and really need to go to bed so we’re just going to save it for next week.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t dash off a short post today because there are a few runner friend shout outs that must happen!

Myself and Kate, Rock and Sole 2014 finishers!
Myself and Kate, Rock and Sole 2014 finishers!

I’m very excited that my friend Kate is getting back into running after a hiatus and is starting to blog about her running journey again! Kate and I served in AmeriCorps NCCC together and last year we reunited to take on the Rock and Sole half marathon. Kate didn’t get to train as much as she wanted for the race, but still totally crushed it with a time of 2 hours.

Kate is running a trail half in May after taking a year off and I’m very excited for her. She also has a goal to run a full marathon this fall, so obviously I am pressuring and harassing encouraging her to do the Milwaukee Marathon in her hometown with me! So I’m hoping everyone who reads this will now go to Kate’s blog to say hi and leave her lots of comments because the run blog community is so awesome and friendly and supportive like that, and once she knows people are reading and commenting, it will motivate her to update her blog and keep up with her running because inquiring minds need to know these things. 🙂

Also, my blog buddy Lizzy is running the LA Marathon this weekend! I’m so excited for her and wish her the best race ever. She’s been working so hard. Lizzy, I know you’ll crush it! Please be safe in that yucky heat!!l

Finally, today is Taylor‘s birthday! Taylor and I are blog buddies, and almost birthday twins which only makes sense because we have like a zillion other things in common. Happy birthday Taylor!!






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  1. I’m so excited for Lizzy, but that heat is definitely going to be a killer. I guess it’s an incentive to be smart but finish as fast as possible 🙂

    Going to check out Kate’s blog now!

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