While You Were Out: Blog-cation!

Finally, our R&R day! Can I go back here now?

Hey all! I’m taking a vacation from blogging for the rest of the week. No writing or reading other blogs until next Monday. I need a little break to focus on other things that are constantly on the back burner due to blogging and training.

When I get back, I will already be kicking off another race week! I’m already starting to write up my pre-race thoughts for this one – stay tuned because that will be a really important post. And hopefully this week will give me some time to get some quality, pressure-free writing done and I will have lots to share when I get back.


Miss y’all! Don’t post anything too good while I’m gone, k?


9 thoughts on “While You Were Out: Blog-cation!

  1. I take regular breaks so I can’t gripe lol
    I am doing my serial blog reading today trying to catch up! I will probably not post again this week either…enjoy your rest!

  2. There must be something going around right now… I just returned after a few days of sort of being on a blog-cation. You will be missed!

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