8 Quirky and Random Facts About Me!

Welcome to Day 8 of my 31-day blogging streak! Not sure what I’m talking about? Click here!

Well, it finally happened: for the first time in my blogging streak I got really bad writer’s block. I just could not think of something to write about today! So in honor of day 8, and the 8th of the month, and the fact that 8 is just a cool number, today’s post is: 8 random and quirky facts about me that you probably didn’t know!!


I sleep with ear plugs in every night
This was a habit borne of necessity that I developed during AmeriCorps, when I was sleeping in a room with 10 other people every single night. And ever since then I’ve either lived in creaky old places with paper-thin walls or had cats that like to putz around all night…so the habit just kinda stayed. I need quiet to fall asleep. Little noises can keep me up for hours. Once I’m actually asleep I’m fine, but now I just cannot fall asleep without ear plugs unless I’m somewhere super-quiet.



Alright….brace yourselves for this next one….are you sitting down? Here it comes:


I’ve never seen any of the Star Wars movies

Other random things I’ve never done: 
Been ice skating, mowed a lawn, seen Alice in Wonderland, broken a bone

I was a mathlete in high school
I’m very heavily on the “language and arts” side of the educational spectrum, and science has always been my worst subject, so people are often surprised to learn that I was on the math team in high school. Not only that, but I ended up taking every math class our school offered in my four years there, starting with Alegbra – Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calc, AP Calc, and Probability and Statistics. I do actually have an aptitude for math and enjoy it – well, everything except geometry. Give me algebraic equations all day long but geometry SUCKED.

That said, I was the worst mathlete on the team. I joined as a freshman who only knew algebra and I was with all upperclassmen who know all these complex calculus equations and stuff. I was overwhelmed, but my teacher/our coach was all about including everyone and making any student feel welcome (he was one of those really special teachers. He’s been honored with numerous well-deserved teacher awards in his career). And despite never having any clue what I was doing, I did actually enjoy the math meets we went to. It was just fun hanging out with my teammates.

I hate odd-numbers – most especially, odd-numbered dates.
But the weird thing is, not all odd-numbered dates. 1 and 31 are okay because they’re the first and last days of the month so they are special. 3 is alright, because I’m down with the number 3. And 5 is rad. I think 5 should be an honorary even number.

Okay, really, the only odd-numbered dates I hate are the 9th, 11th, 17th, 19th, 27th, and 29th. I don’t know why but they just really bug the crap out of me. I apologize if your birthday/anniversary/kid’s birthday/day you won the Olympics/etc is on one of these dates. But…*shudder*. These are just such awful, awful numbers. I know people can’t help their birthdays, but if the best available date for my wedding fell on one of these dates I’d seriously try to move it back to the next weekend or something. Not even kidding.

Now that I’ve said this I’m sure that ever major date in my life, including kids’ birthdays if I ever have kids, will all be on these dates. And I’ll spend the rest of my life twitching about it, I guess. The irony is that Kevin’s and my anniversary is on the 9th. But I’m down with it because, in the non-American date-writing form, it’s 9/10/11!!

I can tell you, off the top of my head, who won every Super Bowl starting with 1986.
1991: Giants. 2000: Rams. 1997: WHOO GO PACK GO….come on, try and stump me!

I still know, by heart, the entire rap portion of TLC’s “Waterfalls”. I’ve known it since I was a kid and never forgotten it.
 “I seen a rainbow, yesterday…”

Most of my front left tooth is a filling. In 5th grade I chipped most of it off in a hotel pool – I grabbed onto the side, pulled myself up, and then THE PAIN THE PAIN OH THE PAIN. And the screaming.
I’ve chipped the filling off twice since then – my junior year of high school, in the morning getting ready for school, I couldn’t get the top of a perfume bottle off so I tried to use my teeth and…yeah. It turns out, I was giving a presentation in history class that day in which I had to dress up as A HILLBILLY. You can’t plan these things. Luckily I was able to laugh at myself. The second time was freshman year in college, while chewing on a pen in class. That was awkward.


Well…I hope you had fun reading random factoids about me!


Tell me a random fact about yourself! 


9 thoughts on “8 Quirky and Random Facts About Me!

  1. Lol I did enjoy reading this! Is there a term for people’s aversions to certain numbers? I never understood the whole lucky number/unlucky number thing. And some people have a FAVORITE number. I don’t understand that!

  2. Haha, I love these and your little geeky quirks! I’ve got quite a few of my own – that’s why I can say that! For instance… I’ve seen every season of Survivor and still watch it. I used to be able to give you the names of every person who’d been on every season too and what order they came in on the show but…that got hard to keep track of after about 8 seasons. And I was basically a mathlete too! We didn’t have an official team or anything but each year for different subjects, there were representatives that went to a math test competition to represent the school. I never performed well enough to win anything cuz holy hell, those tests were created for geniuses! I’m smart but not really genius level haha. And you’re not the only person I know with number specificities. My bf always has to end a credit card signing with 0’s or 5’s and I have another friend who likes 7’s or else the number has to be fun in some way (she got married on 11/22 but would have considered pi day too!) I’m pretty sure number geeks everywhere rejoiced when 3/14/15 came earlier this year!

  3. I’ve never broken a bone either! (immediately knocks on wood.) I’m surprised you’ve never seen Star Wars! I love those movies and my husband and I watch all six every year on Thanksgiving break. One of my biggest quirks: I tend to go on random historical tangents based off of the littlest references in movies, books, or TV. It’s almost like an urge for me.

  4. I have only seen one Star Wars–episode 4, which apparently was the first one released. That was enough for me, but my husband and kids LOVE IT.
    I HAVE to have the TV on to fall asleep–even for 2 minutes. Oh, and it has to be something “happy” or low impact…

  5. I am so impressed with your Superbowl knowledge! I have a terrible memory and am lucky I remember who won last season! haha

    I’ve never been ice skating, broken a bone or mowed the lawn either. I have seen one Star Wars movie!

    A random fact about me… hmmm… I love when Adam rubs the back of my knees LOL. Some people like back rubs, but I enjoy a back-of-the-knee rub!

  6. I had never seen Star Wars either, and about a year ago my husband decided to make me watch them all! I gave up before finishing all of them, but I did see all three of the older ones, and about half of Episode 1. I also have never seen the Lord of the Rings movies or Indiana Jones. I don’t know where I was that I missed out on all of these experiences. ha 🙂

  7. I’ve never seen Star Wars either! No shame there! I also hate odd numbered dates – and my birthday is an odd numbered date, ha! Odd facts about me. I hate, hate, hate bananas – the taste, texture, etc but I will eat them in the name of running. However, I LOVE banana flavored candy – like runts, etc. Also, I’ve seen every episode of Grey’s Anatomy – all 11 seasons. But I watch the whole thing every single year. I start in July and watch it from the beginning before the new season begins. I just finished it, and I have no idea how my husband hasn’t divorced me yet because he doesn’t love the show and even HE can quote the majority of it!!

  8. LOVE the random facts!! I cannot believe you’ve never seen Star Wars. That seriously boggles my mind. A couple random facts about me: I’m incapable of having a brain freeze (I get them in my chest instead), my family had 13 cats at once when I was a baby, and I also chipped my front tooth (it went through my bottom lip, all at the same time as when I broke both of my elbows at the same time).

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