100 Happy Days


Welcome to Day 15 of the 31-day blogging streak! Sorry I’m a little late; it was CRAY CRAY at work today.


Last month, I decided to take on the #100happydays challenge on Instagram.

I’ll let you read more about the challenge and its mission here, but basically, the goal is for challengers to find at least one happy thing, big or small, in every day. It helps cultivate the habit of actively seeking the positive instead of gravitating toward the negative and develop a healthy appreciation for the little things in life.

The challenge has been around for a few years now, but it didn’t pop onto my radar until last month when I noticed a friend of mine had started doing it. I asked her what inspired her to start doing it now, and she said that she had just read somewhere that it was exactly 100 days until the end of the year, so it was a way to make each of the remaining days of 2015 happy. My interest was piqued but by this point I had missed the boat and if I did the challenge my 100th day would be 3 days into 2016. But I thought, oh, what the hell? What message is it sending letting anal retentiveness win out over happiness? 

So I started my own #100happydays challenge. I haven’t missed a day and today is my 20th, which means I am 1/5th of the way through (and there are fewer than 80 days left in the year!).

Here are some highlights from my first 20 days of happy!







#100happydays Day 10: Two Rode Together #catstagram #catsofinstagram #cats

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#100happydays Day 19: happy 3rd birthday to our other fall kitty!! #catstagram #cats #catsofinstagram

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7 thoughts on “100 Happy Days

  1. I love the idea of this challenge! I’ve seen it around and haven’t put much thought into doing it but it really is a great idea. It’s interesting you bring up the timing of it…maybe I’ll wait for the new year to start it 😉

  2. I love seeing your Instagram posts! Every time I see one I keep thinking I want to start that challenge. I agree with Charissa…maybe for the new year 🙂 My friend Emily did it last year and her posts always made me smile, just like yours do!

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