My Spring Bucket List


Good evening, happy Monday!

I saw this idea for a “Spring Bucket List” on Jessie‘s blog last week, and I liked her list so much that I just had to create my own!

I’ve done these seasonal bucket lists sort of thoughtlessly in the past and not much came of them, so this time I decided to sit down and actually put some thought into this one. I figure I will be more successful this time if I make sure my bucket list items are things I really want to do and will actually move me closer to some of my larger goals and missions for this year. So…what do I mean by that? Allow me to explain.


Spring is a season rife with symbolism – it represents rebirth, new beginnings, the unlocking of the chains of winter and the promise of better days and more light in our lives, both literally and figuratively. The “Spring cleaning” craze sets in as we prepare to leave our winter nests and lighten our loads in anticipation of more travel, activity and time outside in the coming months.

This year, Spring also coincides with a time that I’m beginning to reevaluate many of my attitudes and choices in the wake of my birthday and my last year as a 20-something, and the new world that opened up to me on my Guatemala trip. These two events in the past month have called on me to think bigger, dream bolder, and start living my life to the fullest.

I am really diggin’ the convergence of these two forces – “Spring cleaning” and big dreaming – in my life right now, and I want both of them to be reflected in the priorities I set forth in my bucket list. I know that I’m at a point where living my life to the fullest and making meaningful changes will require me to think a little bigger than just decluttering my house and running without my Garmin and calling it a day; but I also know that in order to make space in my life for big changes to occur, I need to make an effort simplify and that inevitably means tending to some less-glamorous housekeeping items. The balance between the two will be a fun and rewarding challenge.

There is another priority I wanted to make sure was reflected in my list. Maybe it’s my cabin fever talking, but lately I have felt strongly called to spend more time in nature. The siren song of the trails and the trees and the natural world has been LOUD lately, and I feel I can ignore it no longer.


So here it is, my Spring Bucket List, an ode to a brighter future, a simpler and more mindful present, and the glory of the natural world. Enjoy!





ALL CAPS because I need #ALLTHEHIKING this Spring/Summer!

Take a class

Already signed up! As of today I’m enrolled in a 6-week beginner Sign Language class through the Milwaukee Rec Dept. – I start on Monday!! I’m really excited. I think it will be so cool to learn sign language.

Break up with Strava

I already got a head start on this one: I deleted the app from my phone on Sunday when we got home from Iowa (after I had just used it on Saturday, ha). This is an idea I’ve been flirting with for a while, and I kept making excuses and putting it off: I have to at least finish my March challenges first! Maybe I’ll just wait until taper. Or after the marathon…

But I think this is one of those things where I just need to rip off the Band-Aid and do it already.

These social tracking apps can be great, but it gets to a point where they seem to take away from my running more than enhance it, especially since I already record my training in a paper journal anyway. I just get so tired of the comparison trap, and having the details of every run out there for everyone to see and judge, and knowing the details of everyone else’s training too. It’s information/comparison overload and I think I’ll be better off without it. This is a big first step toward my goal to make more of my running tech-free.

Do a blog series

I’ve never tried a blog series before (unless you count weekly training recaps), and I think it could be a cool way to explore one of my interests more in depth. I actually wanted to do a “Minimalist March” series of posts this month about my ideas and efforts for simplifying my lifestyle, but that didn’t happen, so I’m going to try it this Spring as “Minimalist May”!

Clean out my closet and start a capsule wardrobe

Cleaning out my closet is actually a project I’ve been chipping away at for the past month – let’s finish that bad boy!

I did a Project 333 capsule wardrobe a couple years ago (only 33 items at a time, rotated out every 3 months), but after a few cycles I gave up on it, mainly because I didn’t want to put in the work to maintain it anymore. But it’s been a while and I’d like to try again. I think I will focus more on easing into it this time: I’ll pick a number like 33 or 50 and use it as a guideline instead of a rule, and I won’t include shoes or jewelry. Over time, as I get better at it, maybe I can include those things.

This is actually a hard time of year to start a capsule wardrobe, because March/April weather is so erratic around here. One week it’s in the 60s and we all bust out the sundresses; then the next week its in the 30s and raining and snowing. Kinda makes it hard to commit to a capsule wardrobe when we basically need to dress for all 4 seasons these next couple months. So, maybe I will just make it my goal to get a capsule wardrobe ready to launch in the summertime.

Start a bullet journal

I had never heard of this until I saw it on Gretchen‘s blog a couple weeks ago. I thought it looked cool but I dismissed it for two reasons: my handwriting and drawing skills are NOT good enough for something like this, and I don’t need to go starting yet another journal. Seriously, guys, when it comes to notebooks and journals, I have a problem. I constantly start them and forget about them.

But then I thought about it more and I decided that this might actually be a cool thing for me. I want to use mine for my unstructured thoughts and ideas. I already have my new Basics journal for keeping track of schedules and goals and stuff, but I could also use a journal for creativity – to get things off my chest, write down random thoughts and writing ideas, and more.

Learn about something new

Whether it’s reading a book about it, taking a class or just doing a little research, I want to learn a little bit about a subject I don’t know anything about (the sign language class can’t double-count for this one – it has to be something else!)

Meet up with someone I haven’t seen in a while

I have to admit this will be a little bit of a challenge for me – which is why I chose it, to get out of my bubble! – because, as weird as this might sound, I don’t actually have a ton of “real life friends” that I know well enough to ask out for coffee without seeming weird but also don’t know so well that I haven’t already seen them recently, if that makes sense. #IntrovertProblems

Other things on my Spring Bucket List!

Start riding my bike again

Get caught up on my filing at work

Make a decision about a fall goal race and racing schedule

Develop a morning (and bedtime) routine

Make a new blog friend

Order something off the menu I’m not sure I’ll like

Do a Habitat volunteer day


What do you think of the list? What’s on yours?

Anyone else have #IntrovertProblems to share?


15 thoughts on “My Spring Bucket List

  1. I love your go for a hike item! Hiking is the best!! It’s such a great way to blow off steam. I have a few hikes that are on my bucket list this spring. One item on my bucket list is to get my yoga practice a little stronger. It’s kind of fallen off a bit and I want to get it back.

  2. I ran on trails this weekend and the whole time I was thinking I need to do more trail running this spring/summer. One item is not really a bucket list, but I guess it is a start.

    Introvert problems are my life. Last week I got coffee with someone I only knew through work related email exchanges AND went to happy hour with friends of a friend. I was so proud of myself for not canceling on either plan.

  3. Stealing this idea 🙂 Everything sounds so fun and do-able! I’m also happy to hear that you’re doing a bullet journal. I have to say that practicing my hand writing and being intentional about how it looks has improved it dramatically, so I’m sure you’ll see that as well! Good luck 🙂

  4. Love all these! I’m pretty bad with making any goals related to fitness, so this inspires me to go beyond that this spring.

  5. I like the list…
    I would have on mine…try one new recipe a week.
    Master online grocery shopping (this entails a whole level of organization that I am not sure that I am capable of!!)
    Begin a new sewing project–all my stuff has been packed away
    Learn some home improvement skills–typically I wait for Dave so he can do all the power tools (mostly because he is VERY territorial about his tools.) We have LOTS of projects that need to be completed with the new (old) house–it’s time to take matters into my own hands!
    I hear you on the Strava thing, however it is my only way of organizing my training (I am lazy that way). I have also found it liberating when easy days are posted. I would like to figure out how to use some of the features on my GPS–like intervals…reading directions and technology are not my strong suit… 🙂

  6. I love your list! I need to think about some new things to try. I get so caught up in the repetitive life I neglect to expand! Sign language is amazing! I learned a small amount when I was younger but neglected to keep up on it. I can still do some but not enough to count.
    I laughed when I read about your spring capsule issues. I can relate! I wear shorts to run one day and long everything the next! Summer needs to hurry the heck up!

  7. Love this list! & love the idea of a Minimalist May series. I’m toying around with my own “Back to Basics” going over a few things that while they’re ingrained in my head may not be in others. Meal prep, budgeting, debt repayment, things like that.

    I joined an after school sign language club when I was younger. All I remember now is the alphabet & the sign for poop & horse & cookie. Because, important things. Haha.

    But, we should totally meet up for coffee or something super Pittsburgh if you have time when you’re in town to run the marathon!

  8. I definitely got out of my introvert comfort zone this last weekend with my long run. Since I was in Madison, I invited an old friend to run some of the miles with me. I can’t tell you the last time I ran with another person (except for Tim when we do family run nights), and it was the first time EVER in my training for 12 marathons that I did any part of a long run with someone else..I’m usually too worried about having my normal routine messed up. But it was great! We got to catch up (we maybe see each other briefly once a year and exchange messages online,) and those first 6.5 miles with her flew by making the whole run seem easier. The only downside was that we were so busy chatting I forgot to take my gu and hardly drank anything those miles.

  9. This is such a great list. I’m trying to keep mine short because I know my ultimate goals for the year are the marathon and hitting the 1-year mark at my job, and otherwise things are so up in the air and I’m just trying to figure out where I go from here professionally and I want to keep it simple because that is a really big question to be pondering.

  10. Awesome list!! Is it bad that I have no idea what Strava is? I’ve seriously never heard of it! I don’t really understand what a bullet journal is either. Clearly I live under a rock!

  11. Yes for hiking and breaking up with Strava! I could never do those apps because of the comparison, especially now that I like my easy runs to be really easy. It’s good to cut away comparison traps and just do you!

  12. I’ve heard of Strava and people rave about as I’m sure it has its plusses. But I haven’t gotten into it. Like you said, there’s already so much areas on social media for comparison, I’m not sure I need another, lol! I do like seeing other people’s times/goals as it motivates me; yet, it can also make me feel like I’m not trying hard enough when in actuality, I’m doing the best I can 🙂

    I like your list and look forward to see how you do! I’m a journal girl too–there’s something about writing stuff down (although, I sometimes leave them half done as well, lol!)

  13. That is so cool that you are taking a Sign Language class! For years I’ve been saying I want to take a photography class and never get around to it. Good for you for actually doing this!

    I love your list and would love to see a post on a capsule wardrobe. Last week I went through and cleaned out a good bit of toys and clothes and it feels SO good to clear out clutter. My big thing on my list is to start saying “yes” more. Whether it’s going out for a girls night, doing a playdate for my older daughter, or trying something new; I’m quick to think of why I shouldn’t do it and would like to change to first thinking yes.

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