No Laughing Matter

Have you ever had the experience of remembering something funny that happened earlier, and then starting to laugh about it again? Is this something that only happens to me and I just need to get better at being focused on the moment I’m in instead of thinking about funny stuff that already happened?

Or have you had this experience too?

Out of nowhere a funny memory pops into your head and you can’t help but laugh. And if there are other people around and they catch it, and you have to try to explain what’s so funny, then it becomes really awkward for one of several reasons:

  1. It was the “you had to be there” type funny that explaining it doesn’t do it justice so no one gets it and they just think you’re really weird
  2. They don’t believe you, and they think you’re laughing at them and lying about it, so now they’re all offended or self-conscious or just weirded out about it.
  3. Even if that person actually was there, and can verify that this thing happened and was indeed funny, now they and everyone else are wondering why you are thinking of this in the middle of your very important conversation about budget projections or grant reports.

So there’s no way out of it without making things awkward.

The other day I was at the coffee shop in our building and as I was checking out, I suddenly and for no real reason thought of something that had happened that morning and I just couldn’t control myself. Well I could, but I had to put my hand over my mouth and bite my lip to muffle the laughter. Luckily the cashier was swiping my credit card and not looking me in the eye at the time, so the situation never escalated to awkward-ville.

So what was so funny?

That morning while Kevin was in the shower, one of our cats, Bernie (no relation to any current Presidential candidate) was putzing around in our tiny bathroom. He kept pawing at the shower curtain – we have a bathtub shower, and I think he wanted to jump up on the tub ledge but the curtain was in the way.

All of a sudden, Bernie punches his paw at the curtain, right in front of where a bunch of empty shampoo bottles happen to be sitting, and the bottles all go clattering to the shower floor while Kevin is in there. Kevin is all “what the what?!” and in typical cat fashion, Bernie turns around and darts out of the bathroom all “wasn’t me!!“-like.

…and that’s it. That’s the story, guys. That’s the memory that made me almost lose it while I bought coffee. And the weird thing is, it is actually funnier as a memory than when it happened. I giggled a little when it happened but it’s like every time I remember it it gets funnier. I’m laughing right now, writing this post. Laughing.

The guilty party

I just had to put this out there because I’ve always wondered if I’m the only one who does this. Granted, it doesn’t happen that often, but since I’ve never seen anyone else randomly start laughing I just have to wonder if I’m the only one.

Also, since we’re on the subject of cats, let me tell you about our other one, Geno. No funny story but he is absolutely mesmerized by the bubbles in soda/pop and I think it’s a riot. The way he drops is head down and lets it hang there, still as a statue, watching those bubbles….


Hypnotized. He can sit just like this for 10 minutes.

Anyone else have funny stories about your cats being naughty?


10 thoughts on “No Laughing Matter

  1. Haha! That’s totally something Elly would do. This story always makes me laugh. Elly was playing with an empty bag and got the handles stuck around her body. She then got scared by the bag and went running around the house like a scared maniac. It was hilarious. I’m laughing thinking about it. Haha!

  2. Aww, your cats are so cute! I often laugh at random memories!. Steven always asks “what are you laughing at?” Ha! Oh man, and I probably have a million stories about Data being naughty 😉 The most recent one that comes to mind is when him and Steven were playing rough, and Steven was laying in bed, and Data pounced on… a delicate region of Steven. Muah ha ha. Ha. Ha ha.

  3. I seriously do this all the time. I am the worst with story telling too because I will crack up in the middle of telling a funny story and can’t finish. Usually its something that’s just funny in the moment too so I just sound crazy. And I definitely have those moments where I think of something funny and just laugh out loud out of nowhere. So embarrassing!

  4. Hahaha love your story! Animals in general can just be too funny. I feel like I sometimes think of funny things randomly but it’s usually when I’m alone so I don’t have to deal with the awkwardness thankfully 🙂 My bunny does some crazy things too. I laugh every time I think of him wiggling under the couch – he has to squeeze himself to go under but then there’s a little more space for him to lounge around once he’s made it there lol.

  5. Well since you read my blog I won’t torture you with another story about my cat.

    Girl, I was laughing out loud as I read your story! I can picture the paw punching out!! Now I am wondering if non cat owners find this as funny as cat owners??

  6. Cute cats! I love the shot of him staring at the soda, so intense! I laugh out loud about earlier events all the time. Sometime things are just funnier later. Particularly animal stories. My siamese doesn’t wear a collar because she can Houdini herself out of any collar. She would get it off and I would put it back on. This continued until one day I walked into the house to find her pushing her collar under the refrigerator. Really?! She bolted. I still laugh about it today. 🙂

  7. Hilarious!!! I cracked up reading this. Cats are the best, haha! And Bernie is super cute.

    I cracked up running the other day. I forget what it was about, but I was remembering something and I straight up started laughing. I was on a rail trail so if I would have passed anyone, I would have looked insane!

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