5 Things I’m Looking Forward to Post-Marathon

In my last post, I hinted at a little bit of anxiety about my post-marathon life. While I am generally looking forward to moving on, I’m also trying to brace myself for the post-race blues. I had this vision the other day of myself in a few weeks, feeling strangely empty with my newfound freedom, as if life has suddenly become too easy or something.

Oddly, I never really got the post-race blues after my first marathon, but they hit me like a sack of potatoes after my second. When theĀ incredible high of running a 15-minute PR in a perfectly excecuted race wore off, I suddenly felt like the Road RunnerĀ in those precious few seconds before he’s realized he ran off the cliff, legs spinning futilely in mid-air. Gravity took it’s toll on me as well; I floundered that summer, having to drop out of my fall marathon because my heart wasn’t into training, only to sign up for other races and not be motivated to train for those either. At that point, “off season” was a foreign concept to me.

But this time, I am embracing it. My aimless 2015 was nothing if not an education. While others seemingly have no problem throwing themselves back into training and packing their calendars with more races, I have learned that I can’t thrive that way. I also now understand that in order to improve and grow as a runner, hard training must be balanced with periods of genuine and thorough recovery.

In any case, I have found that the best way to overcome post-race blues isĀ to focus on non-running related projects or challenges for a while. I think having other interests and hobbies and remaining well-rounded outside of running really helps us adjust and move forward in the emptiness immediately following a big goal race. It helps me take my mind off of running andĀ makes me feel like my life is more balanced again. So, with that said, today’s topic is all about turning that post-race frown upside down with 5 Things I’m Looking Forward to Post-Marathon!

My “MinimalisMay” blog series. I’m excited to do my first blog series, exploring the topics of simplicity and minimalism. I’ve long been interested in trying to live a more simple lifestyle, but I’ve never put much momentum into trying to make it a reality. Obviously I’m no expert, and the series of posts will be focused on my journey to get started, as well as how the ideas of minimalism and simplicity intersect with other things in my life such as – you guessed it! – running.

The friggin OLYMPICS!! I’ve been counting down to the Rio Olympics since London ended. I can’t believe it’s finally here. I looooove the Summer Olympics, in particular, the women’s gymnastics competition. I am no fair weather fan – I follow gymnastics all year (although there are only like 3 major competitionsĀ in a whole year). The Olympic Trials are this summer and the US has a crazy deep field so it will be so exciting to see who makes the team. And then of course, Rio! So excited for all of it. I’ll watch any Olympic sport and if the USA is competing my heart is pounding!

IMG_3297The “ikings”! Now that my weekends won’t be dominated by hours of running, I’m looking forward to taking advantage of the warm weather and extra weekend time to go on day hikes and long bike rides. Yes, I know that many people manage to do this stuff while still running long on weekends but lest we forget, I am not one of thoseĀ “go go go” types (plus I suck at time management. And I’m a late sleeper). I can’t usually pack a ton of stuff into a weekend, so eliminating long runs makes me feel like I have MUCHĀ more free time – and energy. More importantly, unlike running, hiking and biking are things Kevin and I can do together.

10430416_896106134477_497051609250459804_nHaving more time to write. I really want to start amping up my blogging, in addition to my Minimalist May series. And I still have dreams of tackling National Novel Writing Month this year. Although it’s not a particularly “summer-y” image, I envisionĀ wiling away evenings at the local coffee shop, fingers flurrying over laptop keys, pen making breakthroughs on lined notebook pages. I’mĀ glad I can shift more ofĀ my focusĀ this way for the next few months. It’s one thing to make time for writing, it’s another to be able to immerse yourself more fully in it.

1915931_534054992867_3467935_nMaking progress on my Spring Bucket List. So much of this has gotten thrust to the back burner as I focus on getting through my training. Spring is only halfway through, so I still have plenty of time, but I’m getting anxious to start chipping away at this bucket list. I’m excited about it and looking forward to immersing myself in all of the items, even the boring ones like getting caught up on my work filing. I’m also excited to share more of my progress with you, most notably about my bullet journal, my hiking adventures, MinimalisMay, and more. Stay tuned!



Lots of questions today:

What is your favorite non-running hobby or pastime?

Do you and your significant other run or have a favorite “active” thing to do together?

Favorite Olympic sport to watch?

Would you read a MinimalisMay blog series??


11 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Looking Forward to Post-Marathon

  1. Aside from running related things, I love to watch swimming and gymnastics. I was both a swimmer and gymnast in my younger years so I hold a place in my heart for them!! Kevin and I don’t do any ‘active’ things together but I am slowly convincing him to take part in Savage Race Ohio with me in June! šŸ™‚

  2. I’m looking forward to not being a slave to a training plan, but then I feel lost without one! I’m contemplating a fall marathon and that means 18 weeks of training!!!!

  3. We have even more in common than I thought, I too am a committed gymnastics fan! I really disliked their cutting the number of teammates from 6 to 5, it means fewer amazing girls get to participate.

    1. I know šŸ˜¦ The teams are getting so small they don’t even feel like teams anymore. Even with 5 girls only 3 of them compete on each event. Sadly I wouldn’t be surprised if one day they just eliminate the team competition altogether (they already do that in some of the world championships competitions). Let’s hope not!

      1. I know! When I did gymnastics as a kid I remember reading the autobiographies of some of the Magnificent 7 gymnasts and they talked about years when there were even two separate Worlds for individuals AND teams – and both were prestigious. Definitely not like that now.

  4. Those sound like great ways to spend your new-found free time! I should really do some hiking while I’m free from long runs for a while in May/June/July. Lots of outdoors time spent in other ways! How novel! šŸ™‚

  5. I can’t wait for the Olympics, either!! I love summer Olympics so much!

    Having more time to write is such a double-edged sword for me. I never seem motivated or inspired to write – I get the WORST writer’s block – if I have actual TIME to do it haha!

  6. I’m all about one of your -ikings – hiking not biking. I’m hoping to do a lot of backpacking this summer. My husband and I occasionally run together but usually he’s do something crazy fast or running up a mountain so we mainly taste beers together instead. I love anything on the track but could care less about swimming. Plus there’s usually an Irish person in some random and esoteric event that I’ll probably get behind!

  7. I agree that focusing on other things in an off-season is great for becoming a more balanced and revitalized runner–and person! I’m really enjoying my off-season so far. I also can’t wait for the Olympics! And yes, I’m definitely interested in your minimalist series. I live in a large house just because all houses here are large, and over the years I’ve accumulated so much stuff that I don’t need probably because I have extra rooms to store it. One if my goals this year is to pare down and give a lot away to others who can actually use it.

  8. Now that I am recovered I am ready to “hit the ground running” on my millions of projects that have COMPLETELY backed up during marathon training–painting (walls), crafting projects (thinking of attempting a living picture of plants), and general home decorating stuff (I am going to make an ottoman for the family room). Other hobbies–PIANO, and gardening. I have been exploring our new yard and finding all kinds of forgotten perennials in the woods…I am REALLY looking forward to tackling these projects!
    I am excited for you to explore the blogging world more…your writing strikes home in this medium.

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