My Week in Objects 2

I follow the Reading My Tea Leaves lifestyle/simplicity blog and every week she does a “my week in objects” post. I think it’s cool so obviously, I am stealing borrowing it for my own blog. So here are the 5 little things that made my week. TGIF!!!!!

1) Patriotic Feat by Aly Socks

A happy Olympics present from Kevin, perfect for watching her and Simone dominate the all-around competition yesterday afternoon. I think I brought her good luck 😉

2) Flowers

Left over from another work event

3) Yarn Graffiti Street Art

To raise awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease

4) New Necklace

From the Kurafuchi Etsy shop. I may be doing a 180 – I used to be all about the bold statement necklaces, now apparently minimalist jewelry is my thing.

5) A greeting from an anonymous city window


4 thoughts on “My Week in Objects 2

  1. Love this post idea! And I love how seeing a random “hi” in a window makes me smile!

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