WANTED: Blog Recommendations!

Well, it’s about that time.

It seems that my blog roll is going through one of those natural life cycle transitions. In the past month, many of the blogs I follow have fallen off the radar and stopped updating. I’ve also lost a lot of readership lately, as I’m only getting about half the comments I used to and my stats say I’m getting fewer site visits as well. Don’t get me wrong, getting comments isn’t the be-all-end-all of everything, but it’s a little hard to find the motivation to blog when hardly anyone is engaging or reading anymore. And it’s a bigger bummer that updates have become scarce from so many of my blog friends.

This isn’t a criticism by any means – I completely understand and respect the reasons that people need to let blogging fall on the back burner. We all have jobs and responsibilities and I know how difficult it is to find the time and energy to blog amongst all the other crap we have going on in life. No judgement.

But I am really missing my usual active blog feed these days, so maybe it’s time to replenish it by adding in some new faces.

That’s where you come in! There are sooooo many blogs out there and trying to pick ones I want to follow is sort of a daunting task, so I’m looking for recommendations! I mean, if you read my blog and I read yours, chances are we have at least a few things in common, so I bet I might like some of the blogs you like!

In the past I’ve been a little picky in what I look for in blogs, but I’m willing to be open minded (promise!). That said, there are  couple of big things I typically look for in blogs I want to follow:

  1. It’s personal and relatable. I don’t mean it’s a diary that delves into every detail of the person’s life and feelings, I mean, it’s actually about that person’s life/training/etc. I respect that some bloggers want/need to make money, but I don’t want to read a bunch of sponsored posts and product reviews and how-to lists. I read blogs because of the opportunity to connect with others, either in conversation or just through that person’s writing. Share as much or as little about your personal life as you want, but I want to read about you.
  2. It’s engaging. I don’t need every blog I follow to follow and read me back. I know that’s not a realistic expectation, as not everyone has as much time to read my blog as I have to read theirs. But I look for bloggers who engage with their readers in some way – do they respond to the comments they get? Are they open to conversation? DO they value the feedback they get from readers? I follow some more popular blogs and I completely understand that my comment is one out of 100 and they don’t have time to respond, let alone care who the heck I am. This is just a personal preference thing – what I like about blogging is the opportunity to connect with others, so I gravitate toward bloggers who share that value.
  3. It gets updated. I don’t look for blogs that update every single day, but once a week is nice. It’s such a bummer to find a blog you’re super jazzed about only to realize that person almost never writes.
  4. Topics I like: I follow mostly running blogs, but I also like blogs about minimalism, lifestyle, reading, photography, travel and nature. For running blogs, I don’t care how fast or long someone runs, but I do prefer bloggers who actually run and train regularly. Bonus points if that blogger also writes about non-running stuff from time to time (but not a requirement).

So, friends: know anyone who fits the bill? Let me know in the comments! And I’ll definitely let that person know you put in a good word when I check out their blog ;-). Oh, and obviously this should go without saying, but I am still reading and following all of you, of course!


16 thoughts on “WANTED: Blog Recommendations!

  1. YES! I’ve been wanting to ask for blog recommendations too. So many of the bloggers I followed years ago (Enthusiastic Runner, LVrunsNYC, Fit Girl.Happy Girl., Little Girl in the Big World, and Health on the Run) sadly no longer blog. Their blogs and training helped keep me motivated and inspired. Twenty-Six and Then Some was another fabulous blogger who stopped, but has recently started again. One of my favorite bloggers is Runladylike, and happily she still blogs on a very frequent basis. Nurse on the Run, who recently underwent surgery for labral tears on each hip (ouch!), but is still blogging, Race Pace Jess, and Jane Runs Wild are a few others I really like. Do you follow 50in50marathonquest.com? James is one of the few (umm, only) male blogger I follow and his blog I think we meet all your criteria. He posts great race recaps and is a fun blog to read. I really hope Allison (inverted sneakers) returns to blogging.

  2. Love this request. I think we follow all the same blogs so I’m interested to see what is suggested here.

    In get the hint, I need to blog more, sheesh lol

    1. LOL yes, you do! But you’re a busy guy so I forgive you, especially with all these miles you’re gonna need to log for your ultra!

  3. I hope you get some good recommendations (so that I can then follow those bloggers as well!). I’ve noticed the same things you mentioned, specifically about my blog feed getting sparse lately.

    1. I thought it was a summer thing too, so I guess I thought people would start to flock back soon now that fall is arriving and the countdown to big goal races is beginning. *shrug* Glad you’re back!

  4. Yes! I’ve noticed my comments and views have gone down too. I’ve thought about blogging about it because it makes worry that I did something to offend someone. I’m so busy sometimes that I don’t get out- like at all- and I really like the relationships, even if it’s only online, that I used to see. I miss having conversations in the comments.

    1. Don’t worry! It’s not you. My blog world has been getting deader and deader for weeks now – honestly I think a lot of people have just decided to move on. And a lot of the blogs I follow that do still update, I can tell that they’ve seemed a little distracted/not as into it lately. I’m like you in that I also value the relationships I make through this blog, as it’s hard for me to meet new people as an adult. So hopefully there are some emerging bloggers we can find!!

  5. haha!! I love this…I was actually thinking the other day about how I quit commenting on a lot of stuff just due to being lazy. Like I would read something and have something to say but just be lazy and move on to read something else. I did take a purposeful break from writing but have noticed a big change in a lot of other blogs too. I just don’t know if they did it on purpose or if they are just sick of the rest of us! 😉

  6. This is a good reminder for me too to refresh my blog roll. A good way I’ve found to discover new blogs is the linkups. The Weekly Wrap ones (HoHo Runs and MissSippipiddlin) get a ton of linkups. I don’t do the Friday Five much anymore, but it’s also a big one (and I love Courtney’s blog at Eat Pray Run DC). I also mostly read running blogs, but my favorite non-running one is Knit by God’s Hand–she is hilarious!

  7. My blog read is dwindling too–please don’t go! I feel we read and follow the same blogs. I stopped reading some because they seemed forced and fake–Every run is amazing?? They ALWAYS look forward to running?? I will be back reading the comments to get suggestions as well!

  8. I have been reading your blog for a little while now, I’m sorry that I’ve never commented! I enjoy your writing and selfishly hope you don’t go! Ha. I am in PIttsburgh these days and have done that race a few times – the full is TOUGH! You did awesome even though you had a tough race. I don’t have a blog, but here are a few I read that fit most of your criteria:

    fannetasticfood.com – She does have some sponsored stuff and a focus on nutrition along with fitness and travel, but I think it’s still feels pretty personal and she updates very regularly and is responsive to comments.
    aliontherunblog.com – Not really a lot of the extras you’re interested in, but she talks about running and her life and updates regularly. She used to respond to comments but I’m not sure if she has been lately.
    runselfierepeat.com – You might be less into this one, it’s mostly vlogging with occasional blogging but if you’re looking for training updates, she’s posts a video just about everyday on her youtube channel and is trying to BQ, so it’s nice for some motivation!

    I could definitely never blog, but I am thankful for people that do! Good luck in your search and with figuring out what you want from your own as well 🙂

  9. If you’d like to read about minimalism from a twenty-something (25 to be exact), I’d selfishly recommend my blog =) I also read a lot, so you’ll find something about books every once in a while, and I have gotten much better at updating it, and will have even more time on my hands starting next week. I’d love to write about running, too, but my achilles tendon is currently vetoing that activity. But good luck on your 10k training, it sounds intense and very dedicated!

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